What is HIV in DV and who is it for?

HIV in DV (Raising awareness of HIV in dermatology and venereology) is an educational resource that provides information and guidance for dermatovenereologists and other clinicians managing skin conditions or sexually transmitted infections (STIs), on why, when and how to test for HIV.

Testing for HIV can save lives and prevent new infections. Many conditions seen and treated by dermatovenereologists can be associated with undiagnosed HIV infection. Being able to offer an HIV test to patients with conditions which may indicate undiagnosed HIV infection is therefore very important.

Why test for HIV in dermatology and venereology?

  • One in five of the 2.5 million people living with HIV in the European Region is estimated to be undiagnosed
  • They are at risk of serious illness and death
  • They are much more likely to transmit the infection than those who are diagnosed and on effective treatment
  • Without treatment, more than 90% of people living with HIV experience one or more skin conditions during the course of their infection 1
  • Dermatovenereologists can play a vital role in diagnosing previously undiagnosed HIV infection

What does HIV in DV cover?

  • Why HIV testing is important, including basic epidemiology
  • HIV indicator conditions seen in dermatology and venereology, with information on when to offer an HIV test
  • HIV tests and how they work
  • How to offer an HIV test and give results
  • How to embed HIV testing in dermatology and venereology practice
  • Case histories
  • Useful resources and references for further information
  • A knowledge test to check your knowledge of HIV

About HIV in DV / How to use HIV in DV

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