Case Histories

In this section of the resource you will find a number of case histories of patients whose HIV infection was diagnosed (or missed) by dermatovenereologists. They are designed as an aid to learning and provide an opportunity for you to reflect on how you would manage each case.

The case histories will help you consolidate your learning from the other sections of the resource. They can also be used as presentations to share with colleagues or students in educational sessions with hospital colleagues, as a ‘case of the week’ or in small group teaching.

Case history 1

A 35 year old man consulted a dermatologist for facial warts around the eyes.

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Case history 2

A 43-year old male accountant, married for 15 years and living in England, had complained of general malaise and weight loss for 18 months.

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Case history 3

A 32-year-old woman was referred to the clinic from maxillofacial surgery. She had presented there with a wart on her tongue.

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Case history 4

A 64 year old woman, married for 32 years, was seen over a three year period by a general dermatologist for seborrhoeic eczema which failed to respond to standard therapy.

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